Dynamic Relaxation

A work in progress video of a form finding Processing app using a triangular mesh with export to AutoCad. Output can be exported to any CAD or structural analysis software. Following the work of Gaudi, who used chains:

Heinz Isler, ice and membrane*:

and Chris Williams with C++:

I will use the framework to create forms in compression for shells or gridshells, tension for membrane structures and internal pressures for ETFE. Draped facades of steel and glass will also be interesting.  The forms are structurally efficient and elegant.

Will be adding bending stiffness, shear stiffness, conway operators to model intricate meshes and multiple fabrics that interact.

*Image by Sanjay Arwade of ice structures he built, with Dr. Marc Valenzuela and undergraduate students at Cornell University, inspired by Isler. See http://www.ecs.umass.edu/~arwade/ice/ice.html for more images.

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